4 tips to maximize your influencer campaign

Connecting the famous and engaging names with the brand is a good way to gain wide exposure, noise, and brand personality. 

In recent years, the power of social media has been gaining momentum and it takes up a more important role in daily life. The brands are aware that the bloggers and creators with strong influence towards their group of fans can be excellent marketing partners, when delivering key marketing messages to their target audiences. It helps utilize marketing budget effectively as well.

"Influencer Marketing" is the new Black. However, some marketers are concerned with influencer campaign not being able to achieve the ROI as expected. Probably they are missing the following 4 key elements when dealing with Influencer Marketing:

1. What’s your objective?

A clear objective / marketing goals should be set in your early stage of the promotion plan, like raising brand awareness, improving website traffic, increasing sales figures. Formulating the target-driven promotion strategy to fit the goals should be what we are going to do. 

For example, in the case of brand new product launch, letting your potential consumer know your product, you should pursue the promotion exposure and make it be resonant to the audience, the quantity-driven influencer campaign helps you reaching this. When your product has been penetrating the market, then you can start your sales-driven promotions. 

Chasing the sales figure might not be the best objective in the very beginning stage, when Brand Awareness if not solid enough. Justifying your marketing goal is the foundation of your strategy planning and this benefits you from time to time.

2. Use Big Data

It is the time that the brands collect the Big Data as much as possible from every channel, and analyse the customers' demographic, geographic, behaviours and footprints to understand the potential sales-opportunities. 

These are also the clues to look for your right influencers, as well as the ideas to find out the key elements and keywords which help drawing your audiences' attention by containing it into your influencer campaigns, make your influencer campaigns effective and successful.

3. Write an Approachable Content

The fans and followers are sensitive and smart enough to tell if the content and the tone of the influencer postings comes off as inauthentic or simply a copy-and-paste advertisement. When a posting does not sound like the thoughts and style that the influencer has always been acting and imposing in other entries, it can be an obvious sting in the readers’ eyes. 

Ensuring an influencer campaign works well, it must create the real-personal-sharing and the resonant content with the influencer own-style. Giving the influencers creative freedom and letting their thoughts and voice involved, it helps create the most approachable content to their fans and readers, and of course your potential customers.

4. Choosing your Perfect-Match

The famous and engaging names, like what we mentioned at the beginning of this article, is powerful to make most of the campaigns successful. However, don't let it blindfold you and walk away from your marketing goal. They help raise exposure but might not help you reach your target audiences. 

Finding your perfect-match influencer, then collaborate with them to be the representative of your brand to match with your goals and objectives, that’s how we create powerful influencer campaign. Consult your influencer agency or influencer marketing partner for the advanced advice.

Influencer campaign can bring success; however, it may also result in a far less productive status if it goes wrong as well. How you make the best decision is knowing how it benefits you, using big data to find out your right influencers who fit your marketing goal, allowing them to create and speak freely to spread your marketing messages and brand image positively. Once the fans note that well, the sales come right after it. Know more about influencer marketing, click here to contact us.

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