First, while setting up your account, indicate your serviced platforms and relevant service charges. You will be prompted when you receive a new order through SMS and email notification. You can communicate with your client via the Message Box on the job details as well as the quotation. The order will be successfully placed once both of you and client confirm it through EASY LINE UP.

Email and SMS notification will be sent once you received a new order and remind you to follow up with the client on job details.

Please directly request an order revision from your client in case you want to adjust the quoted price after communication. After the order is revised, please “Confirm Order” to update your job status. Once both parties confirm the order details through EASY LINE UP, the quoted price is set.

Yes. Every order requires mutual agreement on job details and quoted price, and will only be placed after both you and client confirm it through EASY LINE UP.

Yes, if you disagree the job details or quotation, you have the right to reject the job request.

You can revise the order details and quoted price only if both you and client have not yet confirmed the order, and the order is not yet placed. If the order is placed successfully, the quoted price cannot be changed. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us by phone (852) 2812 2220 or email us at