When searching for influencers, apply this function simultaneously and set your budget, number of influencer, price tier distribution, and any other criteria. This allows you to look for the best multiple-influencer-combination for your campaign in a single search. Example: Set budget as HKD$20,000 and target 5 married mothers, the system will provide you with a list of combinations (5 influencers in one list) based on the criteria set.

You can bookmark influencers to your “Favourite”, information will be stored up to 30 days for easy reference.

Clients with Premium Plan can access influencers’ ratings by displaying search results in a list format. The ratings can also be checked in the “Favourite” page with the same setting.

If you would like to negotiate with influencers on work outside Facebook, Instagram and Blog, please contact us by phone (852) 2812 2220 or email us at info@easylineup.com.

Service charges are set by influencers. We suggest you to add the selected influencers into your campaign first, and communicate with them on price quotations via the Message Box.